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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Necromancer's Abyss

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As soon as the level starts you'll be immediately confronted by your first puzzle. Head up to the device that's right at the end of the path and examine it.

You need use the contraption to align both the sun and the moon with the hole on at the middle of the tower to unlock the path.

The solution is in the scroll that the dead knight is holding. Punch in the symbol M with the curved end at the first slot, then put 24 on the second slot. It may be a bit difficult to look for it because of the way that the fonts were designed, but just keep scrolling and yo'll find it. Finally select the full dark circle with a smaller white ring inside it and execute the order.

Now head to the left side and make your way through the really cool bridge and towards the next puzzle. Chapter XI just seriously wants your brain fried.

You'll notice that there's a patter on the circle right in front of where you are and there's these patterned tiles around you. The first row, nearest to the center , represents the down. The second row right above it represents left. The third row represents right. The fourth row represents up. What you need to do is follow the pattern that's written on the wall and punch the floor while following that pattern.

The order that you need to punch the floor is: Up, right, up, up, left, down, left, up, up, right and finally up. Once you've finished punching in the keys stand on the glowing bit at the middle of the platform and punch it. That will make the device follow your code and trace it onto the stone pattern right in front of the platform.

Once the gate opens use your cyclone boots and seraph wings to jump the distance and land on the other side of the gate. Then turn left and enter the portal there.

This part is a little tricky. There's a portal on the left side of the area, but when you go through it you're teleported above the ground with nowhere to go. What you need to do is go through the portal and immediately use the seraph wings once you get teleported.

Doing so will allow Gabriel to reach the platform that's above the portal. Jump on the ledge right in front of it and shimmy to the right, then touch the mirror to leave the area. Side note: The reapers that appear in this room are dangerous, then can cleave off a huge amount of your HP with one hit, use holy water on them to kill them quickly or just run past them. Make sure you have at least one holy water vial for later.

On the next platform dash forward with the cyclone boots and use your seraph wings to reach he next platform. You can also wait for the moving one to get near you and jump on that if you want to.

Now get on the next moving platform and take it up to the top of the cliff. Some reapers will spawn here, but you should just ignore them and conserve both your HP and holy water.

Dash towards the edge and use your seraph wings to get to the ledge that's on the other side, then climb to the top and make your way across the platforms and towards the next mirror.

Here you'll meet your first necromancer. It has a few attacks, first off don't try to block its sword attacks, too much risk as it will rarely do a blockable sword attack. Second staff physical attacks are your best bet at blocking and getting a combo on the necromancer. And third, true to the enemy's name, it will summon zombies at the cost of its own life. When it does summon zombies, get away from the first batch and it will throw a second one. Kill all of the zombies to instantly deplete the necromancer's health

L attacks are especially effective against the zombies, due to their large number, holy water is also a good option but remember to save at least 1 bottle for later.

Once the necromancer's HP is low it will start to glow. Grapple it and press the buttons that appear. When it dies two portals will appear at the sides of the gate.

Take the one on the right first cause it's longer. You'll arrive at another portal puzzle, go to the right and enter the portal there.

You'll be thrown into the air, activate your seraph wings and keep press D to make Gabriel go to the right. He'll hit the wall and slide off of it, but since you're pressing the right movement key, he'll continue moving towards the right. Touch the mirror portal after that.

At the next area another portal puzzle is in place. There's a moving platform and 2 portals. You need to wait for the moving platform to get near the second portal, then go through he first to land on it.

Once you're on the platform, wait for it to go to the left side and shimmy to the right. Then climb up the side of the cliff and up the stairs.

Be careful of the reapers around this area and make your way to the mirror portal at the end of the stairs.

This is where you'll need the holy water. As soon as you get to the room reapers will spawn, don't touch the mirror yet. Let the reapers spawn, then throw a vial of holy water on them. Once they're gone, stand on the glowing circle right in front of the portal and punch it with your gauntlet, then touch the mirror.

You'll be teleported back to where you fought the necromancer. Touch the portal on the left side this time.

Jump towards the ledge on the left side of the platform and make your way to the left. Drop down on the portal and you'll be teleported.

You'll start falling down and a chain point will light up. Quickly press U to use the chain and swing over to the platfrom on the left side.

Once you land on the platform, go to the right and make your way around the path. There's a ledge at the end of it, fall down on it and climb down. Then shimmy over to the left side and jump onto the next ledge.

From there jump towards the ledge right behind you and make your way further to the left side and around the bit of metal that's sticking out.

A chain point will appear. Grab onto it and continue making your way up the wall and onto the surface.

Climb up the stairs and punch the button, then head back to the main area through the portal.

The third portal should be available this time around. Head through the gate and into the portal.

After arriving at the next area you'll be attacked by a second necromancer. The battle still plays the same except this one can summon reapers. Throw a vial of holy water at them when they appear. Other than that you can kill him the same way you killed the first one.

After defeating the necromancer another portal will appear at the back of the area. Touch it to proceed.

From here on it's just climbing up. Double tap A to activate your cyclone boots and use your seraph wings to get to the ledge on the left side.

Now shimmy over to the right and across the gap towards the next ledge, then climb up on the higher ledge and use your chain to climb up the next section of the wall.

Once you're at the top of the chain press U and Gabriel will attach the chain on the higher hoop. Climb up and start running across the wall to create momentum, then jump towards the platform on the left side.

Use your seraph wings to climb up the next ledge, then shimmy over to the left and jump across the gap towards the ledge on the other side.

Make your way to the next platform then dash towards the ledge using your cyclone boots and use the seraph wings to reach the other side.

Continue climbing up and you'll find a very wide gap, use your chain to get across. Move from chain point to chain point until you get to the next platform.

Run and jump towards the first portal, then quickly use your chain to grapple on the chain point and jump towards the next portal.

After being teleported, quckly press U again to latch onto the hoop and climb up to the surface. Turn left and you'll see another chain point, use it to climb up on the structure.

Use your cyclone boots and seraph wings to jump towards the portal on the other side of the platform and touch it to make it to the next area.

Touch the health font right after you get teleported, then jump across the gap and use your seraph wings to reach the upper ledge.

From there it's a straight climb to the top. Once you get to the stairs prepare for another titan battle.