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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Fire Pinnacle

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Pan will appear before Gabriel and transform, he'll then challenge you to a match. Pan has an unblockable attack but he almost never uses it, other than that he's predictable and will use the same blockable attack over and over again.

Block his attacks and hit him with your own combos. You don't even need to roll away, he'll just spam the same blockable attacks at you, block them then unleash a combo. Keep repeating this until take off a good chunk of his HP and you'll be able to grapple him.

After the first grapple, Pan will return your light magic and he'll proceed to attack you with his own light magic activated. Deflect his blow and hit him with normal attacks. Don't activate light magic for now.

Grapple Pan again once he hits half his bar, he'll return your shadow magic soon after that, this is where you really need to work with both of your magic to beat him.

Pan will attack you with either light or shadow magic. Block his attack and activate the magic that is the opposite of what he's using, meaning if he's using shadow, you have to use light to damage him.

When you've fully depleted his health, Pan will send out a desperate attack at Gabriel and throw a double bladed sword at him. Press any key at just the right time to send the blade back and end the battle.