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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Bones Forest

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At the beginning of the level head to the back and you'll find both a neutral energy statue and a health font. Use both if you need them, then head for the boat and use your seraph wings to climb up the high ledge.

Shimmy over the left and keep going until you reach the platform on that side. Then you'll need to use the seraph wings again to climb up the ledge.

Go forward and you'll see a huge gap that you have to cross. Make some space and double tap forward to activate the cyclone boots, then jump and wait for your jump to reach its full length and press K again to activate the seraph wings and extend your jump. You should be able to reach the ledge this way.

In the next area you'll be attacked by zombies, headless ones that bury their bodies underground. Killing the heads won't do anything, you need to go after their bodies. Double jump using the seraph wings, then press and hold I (i) and wait for some of the bodies to go below you, press L afterwards and Gabriel will use his gauntlet to smash the ground.

Doing this will reveal the zombie's body and it will stick out and start glowing. Approach it, then press U to grapple the body and destroy it. Do the same for all the zombies until you've killed all of them.

After killing the zombies, follow the path on the left side and use your seraph jump to get to the entrance at the side of the wall. Just jump over the ledge and aim for the hole, then use the seraph wings to extend the jump and get inside the hole.

On the next area you'll see that you've got a long way to go. Double tap forward to activate your cyclone boots, then jump off of the ledge and use your seraph wings to extend the jump. Then use the chain point to propel yourself forward and extend the jump again with your seraph wings and finally hook onto the chain point to get to the other side.

The chupacabra will immediately snatch your stuff away as soon as you climb up on the edge. Stupid little shit. Chase after him by climbing on the ledge at the right side.

Climb up the rock and follow the chupacabra inside the cave, a troll will attack you inside.Beat the troll and take it with you as a mount.

After getting on the troll, head to the right side of the cave and you'll find a glowing part of the wall. Use the troll to smash the wall and head inside.

in the next part of the cave some small trolls will attack you, take care of them then look towards the right side wall and you'll find another glowing rock. Smash the rock and you'll find the chupacabra inside. Take back your items, then go back to where the chupacabra stole your stuff from you.

Now that you have your artifacts back head for the fiery part of the forest and make your way through the large gaps in the road and towards the shack at the other side.

After landing near the house the ground that you're stepping on will fall and you will fall with it. Press U to make Gabriel hook onto the chain point and swing to the other side, then jump to activate the seraph wings and Gabriel will grab the ledge at the opposite side.

Shimmy over to the left side and jump towards the ledge behind you and continue making your way to the left. Drop down on the ground when you get above it.

Head inside the small tunnel and double tap the forward key to activate your cyclone boots and jump over the ledge. Activate your seraph wings and use your chain to swing across and use the seraph wings again to make it to the ledge on the opposite side.

Climb up the ledge and use your seraph wings to reach the next one. Then shimmy over to the right and make your way up the ledge.

Use the seraph wings to climb up the next ledge and head down the path to end the level.