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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Olrox

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Olrox is Braun's brother, however unlike he's brother this one is a bit harder to read and a lot harder to kill, mainly due to his annoying feeding habits.

He can teleport around the area to confuse you, then land a blow with either his blades using his right hand, which is unblockable. Dodge away to avoid it. Or he will use his left hand and attack you with his claw, deflect it to get a chance to attack him.

Much like Braun, Orlox will also throw his blades at you, however, unlike Braun, you can't catch them so simply avoid to the sides when he does. The good thing is though that when he throws his blades you can easily avoid it and he's vulnerable to your attacks until he gets his blades back.

With that in mind you're just gonna have to be patient with this as it will be a long and dragged out battle.

After depleting his health, Orlox will disappear and re-appear beside one of the iron maidens at the side of the area. He'll open it up and drink blood from the lycan corpse that's inside. Get close to him and start attacking him. He'll leave after being hit thrice, leaving the iron maiden's doors open.

When he leaves, you'll have a chance to attack the lycan's body that's inside and destroy it. There are 4 iron maiden's all in all, meaning Orlox will regenerate his health a total of four times. Pretty annoying.

After destroying all of the lycan corpses and depleting Orlox's health one last time, he'll stand at the middle of the stage, dazed. Approach him and press U to start the button sequence and kill him.

immediately after killing Orlox, you'll have to solve a puzzle. The platform which you used to get up to this point was splashed with Orlox's blood and that is the key to opening the door to the Dark Lord.

Examine the plate on the ground and you'll notice some fire around it. Try to press any movement key to move the blood and a fire will die out after every second. To make it worse the blood runs slow.

The first one is easy, from the starting point go left, then turn up on the first corner, then left at the first corner and up towards the circular part of the puzzle.

Now from the second circle go down and turn left at the end of the path, pass through the first corner and turn up on the second corner to reach the second circle.

From the second hole, this is gonna be the most difficult, but this is the right pattern. Turn up, then left, then down, then left again and up, ignore the first corner and go all the way up towards the end of the line and right towards the cup. You'll barely make it if done correctly, there's not much space in time before it resets, you may have to repeat this part a couple of times before you make it to the circle on time.

The fourth one is also a stretch, but a lot easier to do compared to the third one. Go up and turn right at the first corner, then go down when you've hit the end of that line turn down, then right and up the second corner, finally turn left towards the circle.

The last one is easy, turn up from the fourth hole, then turn left and down on the second corner, turn left again and up towards the end of the line, then turn right and go up towards the last circle.

Flames will shoot out from the plate and the door will open. Exit the area through the large door and be prepared to take on the next dark lord.