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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Electric Laboratory

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After arriving at the laboratory you'll immediately see that it is indeed protected by electric walls. Head over to the left side and stand on the glowing button on the floor. Then press I(i), followed by L to punch the button and change the rod's color.

Head over to the right side and do the same on this button, then punch the third button to remove the electricity blocking the door.

In the next room then puzzle will be slightly more difficult. Start by punching the button that's immediately in front of the door, the blue rod will then move to the right side.

Now go to the left side and you'll find a large battery, well it doesn't look like one, but it is. Use your gaunlet and push it down, then push it to the right side.

Move the blue node over to the left side again and head for the right side of the room.

Now move the battery forward and to the left so that it's place inside the golden part of the large machine. This will cause the machine to change the color of the red rod opening the path for you.

Go to the next area and punch the button at the wall and the rods at the left side of the room will change. Now make your way back down and move the rod to the right side again to gain access to the left side of the room.

Make your way to the neutral energy statue and activate your shadow magic. Face the button and throw a dagger at it. This will cause the rods to shift again and open a path for you.

Stand right in front of the door and throw another dagger at the button while shadow magic is activated and the rods will shift one last time allowing you to leave the room.

The next room is the hardest of the three. Go to the middle of the room and turn left towards the only path that you can currently take.

Activate your shadow magic and smash through the weak wall at the end of the path, you'll find a button inside. Punch it to change the rod colors at the upper left side of the room.

Now that the path is open head over to the second button that you can reach and punch it. You'll be able to reach the red glowing item now. Take it and a cutscene will play.

The machine will come and attack you. 2 of its attacks are unblockable, one is the common physical attack with light coming out of its claws and the second is an electric charge from its tail. Dodge out of the way for the unblockable attack and jump to avoid the electricity.

Other than that this guy is completely beatable, block his attack and retaliate with a combo of your own, then dodge away and wait for him to attack you again.

When you've depleted its health to about 3/4 the machine will go and recharge itself, gaining full health. The first one is unavoidable and it will fully recharge its health. The second time it tries to do it quickly go over to the button and punch it to damage the machine.

You have to do this thrice before the machine will break down and you'll be able to continue solving the puzzle.

Now head back to the switch at the side of the room and hit it to open up a path, then head back into the middle of the room.

Turn the device at the center of the room twist it clockwise twice and a path will open, allowing you to go to the lower right side of the room.

Here you'll find another button that you can press, activate it and it will open up a path for you at the lower left side of the room. Now head back to the device at the middle.

Twist it clockwise twice and you'll be able to reach the button at the lower left side of the room. Punch the button and the rods will change again at the lower right side of the room.

Now twist the device twice clockwise again to leave the path to the lower right area open. Then head to the door and wait for the platform at the right side to get close and jump on it.

Wait for the platform to reach the other side and jump on the platform at the lower right corner of the room. Punch the button to activate it and the puzzle will be solved.

Head for the middle of the room and out the door to end the level.