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When the level starts head down the corridor and a cutscene will play, showing you how the butcher feeds the ghouls in the castle.

After the cutscene head to the right and down the stairs. You'll meet up with the ghouls, kill them.

After killing the ghouls, head inside the room at the left side of the fireplace and take a piece of meat from the cauldron and head back into the dining hall.

Place the piece of meat down on the plate and ring the bell at the right side of the room. The ghouls will then come out of their holes and swarm the meat.

After the cutscene head to the right side and you'll see that one of the gates the ghouls used has a glowing chain point on it. Use your chain and head inside the hole.

Follow the tunnel and take a left turn at the end of it. A cutscene will start, leading you into the kitchen where you have to fight the butcher.

This battle is pretty easy, most of his attacks can be blocked, except for the one where he lifts his cleaver up straight into the air, which is unblockable and you need to dodge it. Like Cornell the butcher will also stumble when you block his attack, then activate your shadow magic.

Block his attack, then unleash a combo on him. You can put in as much as 5-6 hits on this guy, then roll away to safety and wait for him to attack you again.

Occasionally he takes some stuff from the kitchen and uses it. If he takes meat he's gonna heal himself, quickly block his attack and attack him to destroy the meat in his hands. If he takes a knife get away from him and prepare to dodge, he's gonna throw it at you. If he takes a bottle, roll around the place, preferably near him and around him. He'll spit flames on you with the bottle, but staying close to him also makes him throw the bottle at you, dodge it then continue blocking his attacks and attacking him.

Once his HP is almost gone, the butcher will take a pot from the stove and drink the contents, then use the pot as a helmet. He'll be invulnerable. What you have to do is jump and attack him, this will cause the pot to turn around and blind him. His sword will glow once you've blinded him. Use your chain to pull it away from him and watch Gabriel end the battle.

The butcher will leave a key once he's dead. Take it then place it inside the keyhole at the door on the left side. Exit through the door once it opens.

You'll end up in the dining hall after exiting the room. Head down and climb up the stairs again, refill your magic bars then turn left right beside the neutral magic statue and you'll find a hallway. Place the key at the end of it to open the door.

Head into the room and you'll be attacked by a knight and a couple of skeletons. If you have a dark crystal, use it. That will make the battle a lot faster. If not then you have to do it the hard way, by blocking and countering.

You'll need to light up the plates at the bottom of each suit of armor to open the large door. From the left: Light magic Light magic Shadow magic Shadow magic Light magic Shadow magic The door will open after that, head through the door to end the level.