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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Balcony

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Go forward, back outside the castle walls and you'll be attacked by a group of vampires. Get rid of them then take the path on the right side.

Climb down the ledge at the end of the path and use the wooden beams to cross the gap and get to the other side.

Make your way to the left side and around the pillar of the castle. Drop down and you'll be attacked by those phantom swordsmen that you met at the crow witch's castle.

Get rid of them then climb up on the ledge at the left side of the balcony, jump to the right after you hit the statue, then continue climbing up.

Drop down at the left side of the roof and climb down on the lower ledge, then shimmy over to the right side and use your chain point to climb down.

Swing away from the all and press K to make Gabriel jump towards the opposite side of the wall you were on. Shimmy over to the left side and climb down the ledge.

Jump in through the window to get inside the room. You'll be attacked by 2 skeletons here.

You have to kill the skeletons cause one of them has the key that you need to open the door at the roof. I don't recommend using the crystal on them since there's jsut 2 and there's no knight to mess things up for you, but you do need to be careful cause if you die here then you'll have to repeat everything from the phantom swordsmen up to this point.

Head back out the window and climb on the ledges to make it back to the other side. You can't jump back to get on the chain point so instead you'll have to drop down from that ledge.

Go over to the right side and jump up the wall, the chain point will then light up and you can make your way back to the roof.

Head to the left side around the roof and you'll find a gate. Insert the key into the keyhole at the right side of the gate to open it.

Go through the gates and use the ledges at wall and make it inside by climbing through the shattered window.

You'll find a glowing pinball looking machine at the right side of the gate. Examine it and you'll immediately see that you need to solve this puzzle.

The pattern to solving the puzzle is to drop the ball at the left, then center five times and finally left. After solving the puzzle the gate will open. Head through it and up the stairs to end the level.