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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Castle Hall

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After entering the castle you'll be shown the exterior, most prominently the windows, which you'll notice is glowing in some parts. Take care of the vampires first, then approach the windows and quickly tear down the wooden planks and finally the curtain to let the sun shine on the vampire's hole and prevent them from returning.

Now head to the back of the room and you'll find a mirror statue. Push it to the left side with your gauntlet and pull down the curtain right in front of it. Then turn the statue so that it reflects the sun from this room to the next room.

Head for the gate and use he mechanism right beside it to get the gate open. Head inside and you'll be attacked by a knight and some vampires. If you have a dark crystal, I recommend using it to make the battle easier.

Do the same to the window right in front of the hole once you've taken care of the enemies. Tear down the planks and remove the curtain to prevent the vampires from leaving their hole.

Now head to the right side and you'll find another gate that leads to some sort of an altar. Use the mechanism at the side to open the gate.

You'll find a statue at the right side of the room. Use your gauntlets and push it to the left and push it back into the second room.

Now turn the statue so that it reflects the light from the first statue and into the altar gate. The gate will open once the light hits it and you'll be able to enter it.

I'm not sure if the patterns are the same but if they are. then you need to touch the plates inside the door in this order: From the left; Shadow magic Light magic Light magic

There are also plates outside the gates, on the pillar at each side of the gate. Use shadow magic to activate both of them and the gate in the main hall will open.

Head into the main hall and sun will set... and vampires will start pouring out of the hole again. Great. You need to kill these vampires or else the door won't open. A vial of holy water is really in need here, use them if you have them.

Head inside the door once it open and you'll be met by a vampire girl, who'll invite you to play a 6 piece chess game. It doesn't have the same rules as chess, but it's pretty easy to understand. Of course the whole minigame can be cancelled if you don't want to do it. I can't tell you how to beat this minigame, specifically because it's randomized and she has an AI meaning she won't just follow what she did the last time. If you do decide to play it though, I would suggest you take good care not to lose your necromancers (the two at the middle of the board) early in the game, they're the most powerful. I managed to beat 3 of her pawns with only 2 necromancers left on my side.

After beating Laura head for the entry on the left side of the room to end the level.