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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Brauner

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When the level starts use the health font and use the chain point to get through to the other side of the barricade.

Vampires will come and attack you, they're not gonna be so hard for you to kill now that you have the holy water flask.Sart off by killing a couple of the vampires and when there's a lot of them wait for them to come close then throw a holy water flask, followed by a wide range combo which you can activate by pressing L.

The holy water takes off a huge chunk of their HP and leaves them vulnerable to your attacks which makes it great for taking care of a large number of vampires.

After killing the lesser vampires their commander, Brauner will arrive and attack you. Throw a holy water at him as soon as the battle starts, this will stun him and leave him open for a combo.

Sometimes Brauner will throw his double blades at you. You can catch the blade with U once it gets close to you and Gabriel will send it back to Brauner.

Once you've gotten his health down to half he'll get stunned and you can grapple him. When done successfully Gabriel will tear his wings off.

Continue attacking Brauner until you deplete his health to a fraction of his bar. He'll get stunned again and you can deliver a finishing blow to him and end the battle.