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Make your way up and around the corner and you'll see an open door. Head inside the door and a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene you'll be put up agianst two knights, you'll have to take care of them on your own since Zobek is locked inside the small room.

They've got a limited number of attacks which you can block except for the ground smash which you have to jump to avoid getting damaged. The range of the smash is large so make it a habit to jump no matter how far you are.

Keep attacking the knights and eventually their shields are gonna glow. Once it starts glowing use your chain to pull it off of them.

After fully depleting the knights health you can grapple it to quickly kill it. Once both knights are dead Zobek will open an entry for you to climb up to the next floor.

On the next area push the mirror forward with your gauntlet and turn it 45 degress to the left so that it reflects the light and the door will open.

Head for the next mirror, push it back so that the light hits it and turn it to the left just enough so that the light bounces off of the mirror and towards the hall on the right.

Now head inside the hall and use the gauntlet to push the mirror forward to reflect the light and open the door.

Your path is now blocked by the mirror, turn left and follow that path, you'll find another corridor to exit from and head for the door you've just opened.

Climb up the stairs and take care of the little devils, then head for the light beam and push the mirror forward, then to the left. Once you have the mirror in place turn it towards the left so that it reflects the light towards the next mirror.

Activate your shadow magic and push the second mirror all the way to the left, then turn it around so that it's reflecting the light towards the hole in the wall on the opposite side.

You'll notce that the light points towards a wall. Go beside that wall and activate your shadow magic, then use your cyclone boots to smash through it.

Inside the next room you'll be attacked by another knight, take care of him quickly, he shouldn't be too much of a problem on his own.

Push the mirror forward once you've killed the knight and turn the mirror around to about 45 degrees to the northeast.

Now go back to the first room and push the other mirror all the way through to the next room.

Push it to the left and turn it around so that it reflects the light from the mirror in the room where the knight spawned and towards the door.

Now that the door is open head through it and end the level.