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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Castle Sewers

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As soon as you enter the sewers head for the health font and heal up, then go near the lever at the right side and flip it by pressing U.

The water flowing from the statues will stop and you'll be able to make your way around the walkway. Quickly get to the other side before the water restarts.

Approach the gear at the right side of the area and use your combat cross to start turning it. Some skeletons will pop up before you can finish turning the gear.

The skeletons are easy to kill. Just block their attacks and smash them with a full combo. The only annoying thing is that they'll reanimate twice before finally dying.

Once you've taken care of the skeletons head back to the walkway on the right side of the room and jump down onto the walkway below.

Use your cyclone boots and jump towards the opposite side of the water. Don't fall on the water or attempt to walk on it for too long it will deplete your health pretty quickly.

Once you get to the other side grab some knives from the bag and punch the switch with your gauntlet to activate it.

Use the cyclone boots to run across the spiked floor and get to the other side before the spikes come back. The gate will close as soon as you get near the gate.

Now turn around and equip your daggers as your secondary weapon. Activate your shadow magic and throw an explosive dagger at the switch. The force will re-activate the switch and the gate will open again.

Head out the gate and use your chain to climb up the wall .