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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Abbey Catacombs

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Vampires will come and attack you as soon as the level starts. Unlike the ghouls you can't grapple these guys, you need to deplete their health the normal way.

After killing the first group of vampires head for the gate and you'll find a pole that's glowing on the floor. Take it and more vampires will spawn, take the pole to the device at the middle of the room.

Leave it on the floor beside the device and help Zobek take care of the vampires first, you can't turn it anyways the vamps will get in your way.

Once you're safe take the pole again and insert it at the right side of the device, then start turning the device to open the gate.

When the gate is open press L to call Zobek and he'll hold the door open for you. Quickly run towards the other room and Zobek will get locked at the other side.

Activate your shadow magic and use the gaunlet to smash the statue through the gate so that Zobek can come in.

Head back into the first room and take back the pole from the device and take it with you to the next room. Use it on the device at the left side to open the gate right beside it.

Remove the pole from the device again and take it through the gates with you.

Place it at the left side of the device and start turning it until the platform gets to your side of the area. When the platform is in place call Zobek to hold the device for you.

Jump on the platform and Zobek will let go of the device, making the device go back to its original position. Wait for the platform to get to the other side then climb up the stairs.

Get on the circular platform and take the first key, then jump down towards the opposite side of the room and take back the pole from the machine, then head back to the center room.

This time put the pole into the device at the right side of the room and start opening the gate. You don't need to take the pole with you anymore, just head through the gates.

The ceiling will come down on you, quickly press the buttons that appear on your screen and wait for Zobek to hold up the next ceiling block.

While Zobek is holding up the ceiling you need to walk past him and towards the next block and hold it up for him again. Keep on doing this until you reach the end of the corridor.

Take the second key and head back into the center room. Those are all the keys that you need.

Insert the keys into the lion heads at each side of the door to open it. Once it's open head up the stairs and make your way to the courtyard.

Head through the courtyard and to the other side, use your shadow magic and smash through the wall using your cyclone boots.

You'll find the level for the sundial, but you'll be attacked by vampires as soon as you step into the courtyard again.

Place the lever at the right side of the dial and start turning it until it's pointing towards the door with the magic seal on it. Then call Zobek to hold it for you.

Once Zobek is holding the dial in place run to the right side and use the cyclone boots to run faster, then go down and left towards the large portal to break the seal. Head through the doors to end the chapter.