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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Veros Woods

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Head forward towards the snowy path anc you'll be met by some goblins. Take care of them then go towards the path on the right side.

Where you will once again meet up with your best buddy the chupacabra, he'll steal your relics again and you'll have to chase after him.

Follow it towards the goblins camp and take care of the goblins, this isn't gonna be so hard just yet.

Follow the chupacabra down the path in front of the camp and turn left on the branching path. Use the health font, you'll need it. Then follow the chupacabra again.

The next goblin camp is the hard part, you need to take on a bunch of goblins plus a boar without your relics. If you have a dark crystal, wait for the goblins to spawn and when there's a lot of them use the crystal. This will kill the boar too but another one will spawn alone which is easier for you.

You can easily take care of the lone boar with the help of a fairy. Keep the boar dazed and just keep on attacking until the boar starts to glow, then mount it.

Go towards the opposite side of the door and start running towards it to smash the door open. You may have to hit it twice to open it.

Strangle the boar and head for the health font, then climb up on the ledge right behind it to climb up the higher floor.

Once you're at the top don't attempt to jump towards the chupacabra, he'll electrocute you and you'll fall down. Instead summon a fairy to bug him, once it has his attention jump towards him and grab him with U to get your relics back. There's also a neutral magic statue inside the cave, use it to refill your magic bars.

Now climb back down and head to the path on the left, you'll find another goblin camp.Take care of the goblins and keep on heading forward.

You'll find a neutral magic statue and a wall right beside it. Fill up your shadow magic bar and activate your shadow magic. Then press I and charge up your cyclone boots to burst through the wall.

Keep on following the path through the snow and towards the small village at the foot of the mountains.