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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The lord of the Lycans

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Climb down the stairs and fill up your magic gauge, you'll need them a lot in this battle, also max out your health by using the health font if you need to. After preparing for battle head inside through the narrow path.

Cornell is powerful and he's also fast. Although damaging him isn't as hard as damaging the black knight, he still makes this boss battle hard.

Cornell like all bosses have a couple of attacks that he uses over and over again. Most of them are easy to dodge, but I don't recommend using your magic bars during the first stage of the fight. You can dodge or block most of his attacks except the unblockable ones, which you can distinguish by the "whoosh" sound and the glowing weapon and the slam attack which you need to jump in order to avoid.

Cornell also occasionally charges up his weapon which causes extra damage. The good thing is his attack pattern remains the same.

You only have to remember one strict guidline at beating Cornell. Do not attack him, wait for him to attack you, then dodge and retaliate with a 3 hit combo of your own and dodge away again. Keep on doing this until you fully deplete his bar. This isn't the hard part yet.

After beating Cornell in his human form he'll turn into a werewolf and will be much stronger and much faster than his human form.

He has 4 basic attacks, a lunging attack which you will obviously see that it's coming due to the flashy effects around him. Dodge out of the way when you see that. The second is a smash attack in which he uses his left hand to smash the ground, if you're close enough you can deflect this attack and leave him open for a retaliation. If not then jump to avoid getting damaged.

His last 2 attacks are similar. They're both claw strikes using his left hand. The first is blockable and the visual trigger is that his hand is aiming towards your head. The second is not blockable and you'll easily be able to tell when it's coming due to the "whoosh" sound and the light around his right hand. Dodge out of the way when you see this.

When you get the chance to block his attack quickly transform into either light magic for healing or shadown magic for massive damage. Shadow magic also makes Cornell fall back and fall on the floor which is great cause you can switch to light after he falls.

After attacking him with either one of the magic abilities be sure to cancel it right after dodging in order to preserve your magic bars.

Always block Cornell's attacks when you can, doing so will automatically fill your focus bar and he'll drop neutral magic with every hit, then dodge and lure him away before absorbing the neutral orbs.

After leaving only a fraction of his health, Cornell will cast something on the statues around the arena. They'll start to glow and he'll be invincible at this point.

Quickly run away from him and attack a statue. After it breaks Cornell will be shown looking like he's in pain.

There are 8 statues all in all and they all require a different number of hits to break. That's not to say that there's a pattern, simply put it the first statue you break will require one hit. The second will require 2 hits, the third will require 3 and so on.

The last 2 statues are the hardest since you can't break them fast enough to do it without Cornell getting too close to you. So what you should do is get away from the statue and Cornell will follow you, wait for him to try and attack you then dodge out of the way and run back to the statue, then break it.

After finishing the last of the statues the game will go into a reaction pressing sequence. Just press the keys that appear on your screen to finish off the lycan lord and acquire your new boots.

Double tap forward to run and press K to jump over the gap, then climb on the ledge at the left side of the wall to end the level.