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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Sanctuary of Titans

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After the cutscene the titan will tower over you, keep your distance since getting too close will make the titan unleash a furious stone attack on you.

The titan will begin the battle with a ground stomp. It doesn't matter how far you are from the titan always jump as soon as it lifts its leg up to avoid getting damaged.

Its second attack will be to hurl a rock at you. This will always be its pattern, stomp > rock throw >stomp>... The rock is what you want and honestly it's really frustrating to do, I almost gave up on making this guide because of this level.

Apparently it was because I wasn't doing it correctly. What you need to do is press U and W at the same time. Meaning as you're trying to grab the rock you need to start doing WASD at the same time. To make it easier to understand, this will be the way you're gonna have to press the keys: U+W ASDWASD. You need to do it twice.

If done correctly Gabriel will throw the rock right back at the titan and stun it, giving you a chance to start climbing on it.

Once it's stunned get near it and climb up on it's left leg. Like the first titan boss this one will also try to shake you off, just press U to hold on so you don't fall, if you fall you have to redo the rock throw again.

Climb up towards the left side and shimmy to the right when you can't climb anymore, which is the third ledge from the top.

Climb up to the top of the titans leg and shimmy back over to the left. The camer's focus will shift and show you a glowing part on the right leg of the titan. Press U to attach your chain and swing over to that side.

Start climbing down, then shimmy towards the left when you hit a dead end. there's more ledges on the left side that you can climb down from.

Keep on heading down and towards the titan's knee and you'll see its first rune. Climb over to it and start attacking it. You can put in a maximum of 4 hits before it tries to shake you off.

It takes 10 hits to destroy the rune. Once the rune is destroyed quickly climb down below its knee cause it will try to crush you.

After the titan hits its knee, you'll notice that the hand will start glowing. Press U to quickly use the chain and climb up on it. Press U and don't let go until the titan stops trying to shake you off.

After Claudia successfully gets the titan's attention, start climbing up its arm and towards the rune.

Unlike the first rune you can actually put in a maximum of 5 or six hits on the rune on its elbow before it tries to shake you off. It also takes 10 hits to destroy it.

After you destroy the rune quickly go back to the right and down, the same way you climbed up on the arm. Around the third ledge down should be a safe spot for you, but you need to be quick about getting down or it will throw you off and you'll have to redo the rock and climbing back on top of the arm. In case you do fall, you need to stab the place where the rune was in order to trigger the titan's attack.

Once the titan tries to hit the spot where the rune was its hand will glow again. Press U to attach your chain on it and get on the right hand.

It will attempt to get rid of you by punching the floor. Quicly press U again to get back up on its arm, this time you'll be able to climb.

Make your way up on the right arma and keep going until you reach the third rune.

Much like the first rune you can only put in a maximum of 4 hits on the rune before the titan tries to shake you off. It also requires 10 hits in order to destroy this rune.

Once you break the rune do not, DO NOT climb down. You need to climb up towards its elbow in order to avoid its blow. If you climb down even if it doesn't hit you, you'll fall.

After it slams its hand below you, a glowing rock will come around. Press U to attach your chain on it and wait for the titan to interact with it.

Once the rock is near its head, a part of the titan's helmet will start to glow and you'll be able to use your chain on it. Start climbing towards the last rune.

You can only put in a maximum of three hits on the head rune of the titan, then it will try to shake you off.

A cutscene will start once you put in enough hits on the titan's last rune. Press any key at the right time to smash the crystal into the titan's rune to finish the battle.