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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Dark Dungeon

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Start climbing down, then run left and right on the wall to create momentum and jump on the ledge at the left side. Shimmy over to the left side and drop down on the lower ledge.

Continue towards the left and jump towards the opposite ledge, then keep on going to the left side and use your chain to swing towards the next wall.

Then chain it with another chain hook towards the other side of the wall. Shimmy to the right side once you get to the opposite wall.

When you get to the end of the ledge use your chain and start climbing down, when you get near the walkway below press J to jump off of the wall and press K to jump towards the walkway.

Jump towards the ledge that's directly in front of the walkway and shimmy over to the left. Wait for Gabriel to look back and jump towards the higher ledge.

Shimmy further to the left and use your chain to climb down and jump to the ground, then enter the dungeon entrance and climb up the stairs to meet the girl.

After the short cutscene head over to the right side and follow the path until some mini demons appear.

The demons are usually above you so jump then attack with an aerial attack to damage them or you can pull them down with your chain by pressing U.

Kill the demons then examine the knight's corpse to receive the first rune. After taking the rune run back to the area where you met the girl.

Insert the rune into the stone and a bridge will appear. Jump down on it and follow the path to the left side.

Examine the large metal door and a giant spider will come and attack you, as well as some little demons. Take care of the spider and don't mind the demons so much since they only spawn endlessly.

Press L and make the spider attack the gate, then pull it down with the web and strangle the spider.

Head through the doors and you'll find a health font and another knight's corpse. Examine the corpse to receive the second rune and heal up.

When you leave through the gate again more demons will come and attack you. Kill them and head back to the bridge near the runes.

Jump back up on the higher part of the bridge and insert the second rune into the stone to create a full bridge.

Follow the path and climb up on the tree roots at the end of it. Then use your chain to climb up the higher portion of the wall and onto the ledge.

Shimmy over to the right and jump towards the ledge on the opposite side, then attach your chain at the chain point and start climbing up higher.

Jump towards the platform on the left side and fully recharge your light and shadow magic bar before proceeding.

After charging your magic bars use the chain point to cross the gap and some demons will attack you. A lot of them. Make sure to use both of your light magic if you're in need of health.

Keep killing them off and eventually a cutscene will start marking the end of the level.