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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Underground Caves

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Head inside the tunnel and keep moving forward. You'll find a ledge at the end of the path.

Drop down on the ledge and shimmy over to the left side and climb up when you can't move to the left anymore.

At the end of the ledge stop pressing all of the movement buttons and wait for Gabriel to look behind him then press K to jump. A cutscene will then play.

The giant spider will attack you and try to out power you. Mash the button that appears on the screen to get it off of you.

The spider has three attacks, two of those are blockable except for when it attacks you with the web which can bind you in place. There's really no obvious visual trigger for it except the spider lifting its front feet up so you just have to be quick and avoid it as soon as the white ball comes at you.

If you get hit by the web and poisoned by the spider's attack, activate your light magic to counter its effects and proceed with killing the spider.

Once you kill the spider head for the entry and you'll see a glowing point that you can use your chain to climb up the opposite wall.

Head through the tunnel and attach your chain on the hoop at the right side wall, climb down and jump to the ground.

On the ground below you'll be attacked by werewolves and a spider again. Take care of them quickly and use your light magic to restore your health. Make sure to always block attacks to make the battle easier.

Head for the exit after killing the enemies and look to the right side. There's a ledge that you can grab on and shimmy over to the left side and jump towards the ledge behind you.

Continue towards the left side and drop down when you get to solid ground. Follow the path and you'll end up with a choice of which path to take. Take the left one first.

Climb up the left side of the platform and head down the tunnel. You'll be attacked by goblins and you'll notice that there's a door that you can destroy.

Grab the goblins with U and throw the bombs that they drop towards the wall on the left side of the stage.

Eliminate the goblins and head through the door once you've gotten it open. You'll find a knight's body inside. Examine it and you'll receive a runic key.

Now backtrack to the split in the bath and take the path on the right this time. Follow it to the next open area and you'll find that there's no way to get across except via the spider webs. Head over to the spider web and walk across it. Do the same for the next one.

A spider will come and attack you. Kill the spider, but be careful not to die or else you'll have to make your way through the web again.

After killing the spider head up the stone steps and climb on the ledge, then shimmy over to the left side, jump down the next platform and enter the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel you'll find a glowing point. Use your chain to latch on it and get to the other side.

On the other side you'll find a knight's body. Inspect it to receive the second runic key, then jump down towards the left side.

Head for the door and interact with the panels on each side of it to place the runic keys in place and open the door.

Head inside the ruins and climb up the stairs. Gabriel will palce the cross on the tombstone again and you'll receive a new upgrade for your cross.

Now head to the back of the grave and you'll find a large wooden pillar. Use your chain on it and press up and down to "saw" through the pillar.

Go through the tunnel and head to the end. Use your chain to climb up and out of the hole to end the level.