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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Chapter II: Enchanted Forest

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When the level starts go forward and climb down the ledge. Gabriel automatically hangs on a ledge when you fall down near it.

On the lower platform climb down the ledge again and the hoop beside you will start to glow. Attach your chain on it and rappel down.

Don't be hasty with climbing down. If you go down too much you'll fall and receive damage. Stop climbing down once the hoop on the left side starts glowing. Press U to attach your chain on that hook.

Now drop down and follow the path on the left. Examine the knight to receive a scroll, then jump down to the water and follow the stream.

Follow the path at the end of the stream and you'll be attacked by some werewolves. You'll also receive a tutorial for magic and healing.

After the tutorial jump down from the cliff right in front of you and absorb some neutral magic orbs from the statue of an angel, then continue walking forward and up tha stairs.

Climb up the stairs and you'll be attacked by a group of werewolves. Kill them then proceed up the stairs. If your health isn't in full then use the light magic (Q) to regain some health.

Once you get to the top of the stairs go to the right side and follow that path until you get near the tree. Don't interact with the tree yet, instead jump down and examine the corpse of a knight to receive a magic medallion piece.

Eliminate the goblins and head back up on the platform. Use your chain to bring the tree down and use the chain on it again to swing over to the other side.

Once you get to the other side use the chain to rappel up the wall.

Proceed inside the ruins and to the left across the bridge. You'll see another ruined building at the start of the stream, head for it.

Use your chain to attach on the hoop and rappel to the top. Press J to smash through the decorative window and get to the other side.

Examine the knights body and you'll receive a focus scroll. The game will also give you a tutorial for it.

You'll be put up against a warg but it won't attack you until you get the focus bar full. Just take care of it the same way you did with the great warg. Remember that when its mouth glows it's going to attack you with an unblockable attack so you have to dodge it.

After killing the warg a group of goblins will appear. You need their bombs to take down the stone wall, press U to grab them and hit the ring sequence until they drop a bomb. Grab the bomb and Gabriel will automatically hit the door with it.

Hitting the door twice should bring it down. When it goes down take care of the left over goblins then proceed through the door.

Werewolves will attack you at the end of the path. Kill them then head to the left side of the large tree trunk. You'll find some walls here that you can climb.

Climb up the ruins and go to the left side. The hook on the top of the tower will then glow, press U to attach your chain on it and get to the top. Then shimmy over to the left side.

Another hoop will start to glow once you proceed to the left. Use your chain on it and Gabriel will swing to the opposite side of the area.

From there attach your chain on another tree and Gabriel will swing and fall down the large tree trunk at the middle of the area.