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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Oblivion Lake

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When the level starts head down the path and you'll end up at a frozen lake. Examine the knight's corpse to receive a gem. Then jump down on the frozen lake and keep going forward.

A cutscene will play before you can reach the end and you'll be attacked by a titan. It'll send a shockwave through the ground, dodge to the right and keep approaching it.

Get close to him and he'll try to crush you with his left hand. Stay still and start running when he's drawn his hand fully to avoid the blow.

Dodge his blow twice and his hand will get stuck on the ice. Use your cross to get up on his hand and shimmy over to the right and up. Stop moving and press U when he tries to shake you off to hold on to his arm.

Once you get to the part just below his elbow, start making your way to the right and he'll try to shake you off even more.

Make your way around his arm and you'll find a spot that's glowing blue. Get to it and start pounding on the rune. You can probably get in around 3-4 hits on it before the titan tries to shake you off.

Once you've destroyed the first rune, the titan will lift up his arm and attempt to squash you with its hands. Dodge over to the opposite side (if you're on the left side of the arm dodge to the right and vise versa). If you fail to dodge the titan will shake you off and you'll receive some damage plus you'll have to dodge his punches again.

After dodging its blow use the cross to attach the chain on its hand and Gabriel will climb on top of the hand. The titan will then pull its hand back and you'll be taken to a higher altitude.

Once he does lift his arm back press U to attach a chain on the titan's neck decoration.

Shimmy over to the left side of the breastplate and start stabbing the rune there. The titan will attempt to slap you off of his chest.

When the camera angle changes, you'll know that he's about to hit you. Press D and K to make Gabriel jump to the right and evade his blow, then go back to the rune and continue attacking it.

After destroying the second rune the titan will fall back a little and a part of its chin will start to glow. Press U to make Gabriel attach the chain to it and swing to the back.

From there climb down and get to the rune. Start pounding on the rune again. The titan will start to try and shake you off violently at this point. You can probably only get 2 or 3 hits at most before he will shake again.

If you've done more than 4 hits and he still hasn't shaken, watch for a shift in camera angles, he'll try to pull you down. Avoid it by pressing A and K to ju mp to the left side. Then get back to the rune and keep on attacking it.

When the third rune breaks climb up towards his neck directly from the third rune. Keep climbing until you reach the back of his neck. When you get there shimmy to the right and you'll be able to use your chain to swing towards the right side and on to his head.

From the head climb down and head to the right side. You'll immediately see the rune on the side of his head, right where an ear would be. Climb down and start stabbing it, you can put in 2 hits at most.

He will also attempt to pull you down here at a much greater rate. Jump to the left side when the camera angle changes to avoid getting thrown back to the ground.

Don't be too greedy with hits. Just hit when you can, it's better to take longer than to repeat the whole level again. After you've put enough damage on the last rune a cutscene will play and the level will end.