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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Pan's Temple

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As soon as the level starts you'll see a glowing stone right in front of you. Approach it and interact with it by pressing U and you'll receive a symbol on the meter at the right side of the screen.

Keep following the path down and you'll find a second glowing stone near a large fallen statue and heavy vegetation.

Go around the large root of the tree and you'll find a fallen knight. You'll find a scroll on him, then proceed to the right side and through the only path in the area.

You'll find the third symbol just befor you exit into the clearing. it's on the wall on the right side.

Continue into the clearing and you'll find another fallen knight carrying a scroll. Head into the small gap in the tree and towards the next clearing.

The fourth symbol is in the second clearing. It's on the right side near a small waterfall.

Head over to the end of the clearing and you'll find another glowing symbol beside a hole that's protected by a barrier.

Interact with the stone and you'll see a puzzle you have to solve. Well it's easy enough. Just change the symbols on the top panel to match the one that you've been collecting. There's one missing, punch in the only unused symbol in the middle part to remove the barrier.

Go through the hole and up the long winding stairs to reach Pan's room. You'll have to solve a puzzle once you get up there.

First select the second ring or the middle ring and turn it counter-clockwise once.

Now select the smallest ring and turn it counter-clockwise twice.

Select the largest ring and turn it clockwise once.

Use the smallest ring again and turn it clockwise twice.

Select the second ring again and turn it clockwise once.

Go back to the smaller ring and turn it clockwise once.

Turn the middle ring clockwise again once.

Back to the smaller ring, counter-clockwise once.

Select the large ring and go clockwise once.

And finally select the middle ring and turn it twice clockwise to solve the puzzle and the level will end.