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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Labrynth Entrance

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Head for the large door as soon as the level starts. You'll immediately be informed that even a goblin's bomb can't bring this door down and a special gobling will come and attack you.

You need that wild boar. Focus your attack on the rider and his mount. That pig is sturdy, don't worry about killing it. Keep attacking until the rider dies.

Once the rider is dead clock the boar's attack and it will get stunned. You'll then be able to mount it by press U while it's stunned.

You can use the boar the same way you use the cross, but simply running towards a goblin will kill it in 1 hit, the boar is pretty sturdy too and it seems a lot of goblins will be needed to bring it down.

Run towards the opposite side of the door and build momentum. Then run towards the door and bash it. Hitting the door twice should bring it down. Keep the mount and kill off the remaining goblins before proceeding.

Once you've killed all the goblins execut the boar by pressing U and I together on your keyboard. Then head through the door and go to the left side. Climb up the beams and on to the platform.

Use your chain to climb up to the top and drop down on the other side.

Once you get to the other side you'll see that there's a stretch of wooden beams going over to the other side. Use the beams as a makeshift bridge and cross over.

Climb down the stairs on the right side to find a body of a fallen knight and collect a light gem from it.

Now go back up stairs and examine the knight's body, then head left towards the beam that stretches to the other side and jump to grab on the ledge.

Make your way to the left side and on to the wooden beam. Drop down when you get to the next platform.

Climb down the ledge and use your chain. Then press J and follow up with a jump as soon as you get within range of the next platform.

Now head downstairs and you'll find a gate along with a mechanism for opening it which is a bull's head. Press U and cycle through the control keys (like you would with an analog stick) to turn it around.

The werewolves won't let you through so easily and you'll have to fight a group of them twice before you can finally open the door.

Go throught he door and keep moving forward towards the ruins and make your way through it.

At the end you'll find a gap in the floor. Jump to make it to the other side. It's not that wide a simple jump can get you through it. head for the middle of the next area and some goblins will appear.

The goblins will take the bull's horn and hide it so you can't open the gate. Take care of the goblins quickly, they're not the main dish here. Also try not to lose a lot of your health.

After killing the group of goblins and a greater lycan will reveal itself. It's really no big deal, he attacks like a normal lycan except he's bigger and does more damage. Like the lycan all of his attacks are blockable.

The only real difference between this guy and the normal lycan is he can use the shockwave attack that the troll uses, and he can guard against your attacks too.

Block his attack and spam him with your own attacks to kill him off quickly. Just watch out for his shockwave attacks, you'll see him trying to punch the ground when he's gonna do it. Jump to avoid taking damage.

Once he's down grab the bull's horn and return it to the bull. Then interact with it and turn it around to open the gate and finish the level.