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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Agharta

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After the cutscene you'll have to find a way to get to the girl, but you can't use the same route she did. Head for the broken bridge and jump to the right side then use your chain to boost you to the other side.

You'll be attacked by trolls when you get to the other side. Kill them then go forward and turn right at the end of the path, then go down the stairs.

Now keep going to the right side and down once you hit the ruins. You'll find a statue of someone that looks like he's kneeling, this means you're on the right track.

Head to the right and a chain point will appear once you get to the end of the path. Use the chain point to get over to the other side.

Approach the broken bridge and press U. The game will tell you that you can't cross it on your own and a Warg will climb up and attack you.

Deplete its health and it will start to glow, like the spiders and the trolls. Press U to mount it and you'll receive a short tutorial for controlling wargs.

Now double press W to make the Warg run towards the bridge, then press K to make it jump the gap. The warg will always need to run and create momentum before it can jump a gap.

On the next area you'll be attacked by lycans, use the warg to kill them since you still need this warg. After killing the lycans head over to the hole on the right side and you'll see another broken bridge, use the warg to jump across it then strangle the warg.

Look to the right side and you'll see a ledge that you can climb on. Climb there and go down the opposite side and head left. Trolls will come and attack you. Deplete the large troll's HP and mount it.

No head forward and turn left just beside the old tree and the camera will shift, revealing a hidden area of the map. Use the troll to break down the glowing metal gate and kill the lycans, then strangle it.

Head forward then turn right at the end of the path and you'll see a glowing ledge. Use it to climb up to the next platform.

Turn left and approach the broken bridge to make a warg appear. Deplete the warg's health and use it as a mount. Double press W to make the warg run, then press K to make it jump across the bridge.

Don't strangle the warg yet. Use it to get across the next 2 bridges.

Then continue running towards the wall near the vines and press jump to make the warg climb on it.

Once you get to the top strangle your mount and climb down the ledge on the right side, then use your chain to rappel down and the level will end.