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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Sanctuary Entrance

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After the cutscene head down and hug the wall on the right side and you'll see a pillar with a bust on top of it. Enter through here and you'll find a hidden path.

Climb up the stairs and turn left heading further into the ruins. Some lycans will attack you, take care of them quickly.

Proceed further inside and turn left again towards the ruined stairs and use the ledge to climb to climb up the higher floor. Continue to the left and use the chain point to jump across.

After landing on the next platform, go down and around the wall to find the first crystal deposit. Press U to take the crystal from it.

Now go back up and turn right at the next corner. You'll find a chain point here that you can use to climb up higher.

Climb down the stairs and jump down when the path ends. Some lycans will com and attack you again.

Get rid of the lycans and go around the corner, you'll find a glowing part of the wall on the right side that you can climb on. Use the ledges to make it to the next platform.

Once you're on the next platform you'll be attacked by some lycans again. Kill them then take the second crystal near the health font.

Now go back to the other side and around the corner. You'll find a section of the wall that you can climb up on via ledges.

Climb up and use your chain, then start jumping off of the wall by pressing J and another chain point will light up. Jump and use your chain on it to make it to the opposite wall.

Start running left and right and create momentum then jump towards the ledge on the right and shimmy further to the right side by using the ledge.

Climb down on to the platform and keep running cause the floor will start falling while you're running on top of it. Jump towards the platform on the other side and you'll be safe.

Jump towards the only ledge on the left side and shimmy along the left side then climb down and jump towards the ledge on the opposite side and climb down on the platform on the right side.

Three greater lycans will come and attack you in this area. Use the daggers to cleave off a huge chunk of their HP to take them down quickly.

After killing the lycans head over to the upper left corner of the area and climb on the ledge and up on the higher floor.

Start walking towards the right and you'll find more ledges that you can climb on.

After climbing up the wall don't turn right, head down instead and you'll find another crystal deposit right beside you. Take the crystal and keep walking forwards after that.

Climb through the hole on the wall and use the health font on the left side then jump down on the next area.

You'll find the last crystal deposit right beside the gate with carvings on it. After taking it examine the glowing statue at the right side of the door and a troll will spawn.

Deplete the troll's HP and use it to break the glowing statue to create a way for you to get back to the other side. Strangle it once you break the statue.

Climb through the statue that you broke and you'll be back to where Claudia is. Insert the full crystal into the statue by pressing U and it will open the door. Once the door is open take the crystal by pressing U again.

Head back through the door and insert the crystal on the left most statue that's glowing.

Now press U and turn the statue around 180 degrees so that it's looking to the right side now.

Go to the statue on the left and turn it around 45 degrees so that the light beams from it and towards the last statue.

And lastly turn the statue around 180 degrees so that the light beam is reflected by the mirror towards the gate right in front of it.

When done correctly it will form a triangle and the door will open. Enter the door to end the level.