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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The Black Knight

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The Black Knight is a very boring and repetitive battle. He has a couple of attacks which he repeatedly uses, all of them are dodgebale except his slam attack in which you need to jump to avoid it.

The Dark Knight is right handed and as such most of his attacks are geared towards hitting your right side more often. I would suggest you always dodge to the left to completely avoid his attacks.

Dodge his attack and land a 3 hit combo on him. I don't recommend using your magic bars this early in the battle. Just keep attacking him like this until you take off a fourth of his bar.

Once you take off a fourth he'll start to glow and is stunned. Don't attack him, just approach him and press U to make Gabriel pull off a piece of his armor.

Continue attacking him by dodging and hitting him with a 3 hit combo and he'll glow again once you get his HP to half. Pull off another piece of his armor and he'll use a new attack after he recovers.

The knight will plunge his weapon down into the ground and some sort of black water will come out of it. This black water will chase after you no matter where you go, if it catches you you'll be stuck and open for the knight's attack.

Other than his new attack everything will stay the same, except now you can only hit him 1-2 times and if you get lucky you can hit him thrice before the blob gets too close to you.

Don't try to attack him when there's 2 blobs that are chasing you, wait for one of them to disappear. That will lessen the chances of you getting caught up in it. Also you should use your shadow magic at this stage.

After leaving only a fourth of his HP left you'll be able to take off most of his upper armor.

After taking off most of his armor, he's attack pattern will still stay the same. Just keep hitting him and he'll eventually die and you'll own his gauntlet.