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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The Three Towers

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As soon as the level starts head towards the glowing statue at the middle of the area. You need to use the gauntlet in order to push it. Press and hold I, then press and J to use the gauntlet and smash the statue.

That won't be enough to open the gate, but it will destroy a section of the wall on the right side and you'll be able to use the ledge to climb over. On the other side head down and you'll be met by some lycans. Destroy them and proceed futher.

You'll find a neutral energy fountain at the next area. Fill up both of your bars and head over to the wall right in front of you.

Climb up on the ledges and drop down on the other side to get back to the statue.

Activate your shadow magic and use the gauntlet to push the statue through the door with explosive force.

You then need to push it one more time to get it to line up with the ledge and create a chain point for yourself.

Jump across the gap and enter through the door that leads into the ruins.

On the path to the right there's a crystal deposit. Take it if you want to, but if not then head for the path on the left side and jump down to the lower area.

Make your way through the gaps by jumping towards the next platform, they're a little far apart but Gabriel will make it.

For the last platform you need to jumo towards the ledge and shimmy towards the right side and keep going until you see the hidden chain point behind the rock appears.

Grapple onto the chain point and push away from the rock by pressing J, then jump and hook onto the chain point on the opposite side.

Shimmy along the ledge and jump towards the ledge on the opposite side, then continue going left and you'll see another chain point. Use your chain to get up and near the ruins's entrance.

When you get close to the gates, some lycans will come and attack you. Kill them off and eventually some fairies will come and help you. Once all the lycans are dead the fairies will help you open the gates. You'll also receive an item from them.

Head inside the tower ruins and you'll find a neutral magic fountain. Fully charge both of your magic bars and don't waste them. You're gonna need them later.

You'll find a bull's head at the middle of the courtyard. Press U to interact with it and start turning it until the gates right in front of you are open.

Head inside once the gates are open and you'll be shown a large door that you need to open using fairies. Take the path on the left first.

You'll meet a warg in the area, don't kill him you need a mount on this level. Deplete his health then mount him and go back to the center where the large door was.

Head over to the right side this time and you'll be attacked by smaller lycans. Kill them while still using the warg then keep going forward and take the path on the left. You'll see some vines that only a warg can climb. Double press W to run, then press K to jump on the vines and climb up.

Take the path in the middle and jump through the gap. Keep your warg to make the battle with the lycan group easier. The wargs can easily damage the greater lycans.

After killing the group of lycans strangle the warg and use the level at the left side of the gate to get it open. Head inside the gate once it opens.

You'll be shown three glowing ornaments and a large structure outside. You need to activate the panels first.

I'm not sure whether the order is random or it's fixed, but if it is fixed, then the order you need to touch the panels is: From the left; Light magic Shadow magic Shadow magic After entering the correct sequence the large structure outside will shift and you'll be able to use it to go across.

Don't head for the mechanism just yet, instead turn left and you'll see a glowing chain point. Use it to get to the side of the tower.

Start running up the wall and shimmy to the left side once you get to the wooden ledge, then make your way up to the top of the tower.

Interact with the glowing stone at the top of the tower to acquire your first fairy. Then head down the stairs and you'll find a neutral element statue.

Fill your bars if you need to. After using the neutral energy statue head down the ledge and use your chain to climb down.

Jump towards the large structure and use your chain to swing from chain point to chain point until you get to the other side.

Once you get to the other side head down the stairs and to the path on the left side. Take the pole that's glowing on the ground and take it back to where you were earlier.

Attach it to the circular emblem with golden details and start turning it until you open the gate.

Now head outside and start climbing on the wall via the ledges until you reach the top of the second tower.

You'll find the second fairy deposit at the top of the tower. Take the fairy and head back down the same way you climbed up.

Take back the pole from the first gear that you placed it on and take it near the gate on the left side. Use the pole to turn the crank and a greater lycan will come and attack you.

Kill the lycan and proceed to turning the crank again, once the gate is open head through it and use the chain point to swing towards the next platform.

On the next platform you'll find another chain point that you can use to climb up the white wall. Climb up the wall and shimmy along the left side and up to the top.

At the top you'll find your last fairy deposit. Climb back down via the ledge on the right side and use the chain points to get down to the lower level.

Once you get back down you'll notice that you're back where you were after climbing the wall with the warg. On the left side you'll notice a chain point, use it to get back down.

Head back into the courtyard and start turning the bull's head again. A greater lycan will come and attack you before you can fully open the gate. It will also destroy the lever for the gate.

You'll have to fight the greater lycans, there's three of them and for some odd reason they cant die unless you stun them and do the reaction commands to kill them.

Deplete their health until they get stunned (the same way you do with wargs, trolls and giant spiders) then press U to start an action sequence and kill them.

Once you've killed all three of them head to the right side of the gate and pull down the glowing piece that's sticking out to create some ledges that you can climb on.

Climb back inside via the window at the top of the ledges and interact with the large door at the middle of the room. Gabriel will use the fairies to open the door.