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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The Crow Witch

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After getting inside the castle head over to the left side staircase and exit through the shattered window.

Climb up on the stones at the right side and use your chain once you get up on the highest stone, then start climbing up on the chain.

Shimmy over to the left and climb up on the crow statue then hug the wall and use your chain to scale the wall. Press J once you get on top of the decorative window to smash through it.

Once you get inside head for the center of the room and a small cutscene will play, leaving you with a cloth swordsman. They're not strong, just block their attacks and retaliate until they're dead, but like most enemies lately they have unblockable attacks so watch out for when their swords start to glow.

After killing the swordsmen, follow the crows and head up the stairs, then use your chain to jump towards the higher floor.

On the next floor you'll be attacked by the phantoms again, they'll display a new skill this time. They can electrocute the water and damage you when you touch it, also you can't grapple these guys you get shock damage when you do.

Kill them then head for the wall beside the stairs and you'll see a chain point. Use the chain to get up higher and use the ledges to get up on the next floor.

Once you're on the next floor head out the door that leads to a balcony. If you need health then head back inside and go around the corridor to find a health font, if not then charge your magic bars and climb up the ledges on the left side of the balcony.

Make your way to the top of the caste and head down to the middle of the circular area to trigger a cutscene.

This battle plays a lot like the second titan battle, but it's a wholeeeee lot easier than that one. The only thing that makes this complicated are the witch's hatchlings.

Wait for the Crow witch to hurl some eggs at you, she'll throw 3 at a time. Press U when it starts to glow and like the titan battle perss WASD to send it back to the crow. She'll take a lot of damage from that.

Now you have to deal with the 2 eggs that you weren't able to send back and have turned into little crows. They're easy to kill, just dodge to the left and attack them 2-3 times, then dodge again. For some reason this makes them not attack as much and you'll never get hit.

Watch the hatchlings closely, when they hide behind their arms the momma crow is gonna attack you, dodge out of the way to avoid getting damaged. Another good indicator that the large crow is gonna attack is her health bar will turn from gray to orange.

Kill the crow hatchlings and the witch will send more eggs your way. If you're fast enough you can send back 2 eggs at a time.

After getting the witches HP to half she'll get stunned and start glowing. Approach her and use your chain to get up and ride on her.

She'll attempt to smash you on the ground, so mash the button that appears on your screen to stop her from doing so. She'll end up hitting herself on the ground and remain immobile for a few seconds.

While she's down on the ground approach her and start hacking away at her health until she goes back to the sky. After she leaves take care of the hatchlings and wait for her to hurl eggs at you again and repeat the process.

After depleting her health she'll start to glow while she's on the ground. Press U to make Gabriel attach the chain on her head and pull it off, killing the witch and ending the battle.