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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Wygol Village

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When you get to the village move towards the center of the town and turn right, a cutscene will start to play and you'll be reunited with Zobek.

After the cutscene ghouls will start to attack you, unfortunately you don't have the secondary weapon to deal with them yet. Kill the ghouls with the help of Zobek, but be careful they're poisonous and so is that green smoke coming out of the hole in the ground.

Once you've taken care of the ghouls you'll have to block the hole that they came from. Stand in front of the statue and press U to make Gabriel use his cross. Press L to call Zobek and mash the button that appears to use the statue and block the hole.

The second hole is on the left side. Take care of the ghouls then go behind the statue and use the gauntlet by pressing I and holding J to smash the statue and push it forward.

Once the statue is in place use your chain again and call Zobek for help to block the hole.

The third hole is by the gate, but the statue is inside a building and too far from the hole. To get to it, go beside the wall on the left side and you'll notice that it's a weak wall. Use shadow magic and press I and smash through the wall using your cyclone boots. If you don't have any shadow magic, just stand beside the wall and press H. There's a neutral magic statue beyond the wall, you can't see it but you can still get some neutral orbs from it.

Head inside and use your gauntlet to smash the statue and get it beside the hole. Eliminate the ghouls once you've gotten the statue in place and use your chain with the help of Zobek to block the last hole.

A piece of the statue will partially destroy the gate. Activate your shadow magic and use the cyclone boots to burst through it.

Head inside the building in front of the gate and climb up the stairs that leads to the tomb and you'll receive your cross's third upgrade.

Approach the wheel at the right side of the room and use your combat cross as a lever to get the door beside it open. Head inside the door once it's open.