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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Abbey Tower

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Head out the area and towards the right. Some ghouls and small devils will come and attack you, take care of them then head down and up on the small hole on the right side of the wall.

Follow the path and climb down to the left side and keep moving forward. Use your cyclone boots and jump the gap, then pull down the bridge.

Head through the bridge and kill the small devils that will appear. Now use the combat cross on the gear at the right side of the gate to open it.

Go through the gates and around the rubble, then climb up the stairs and jump towards the ledge on the opposite side.

Shimmy over to the right and jump towards the higher ledge. Then continue to make your way up the side of the tower.

Quickly make your way to the right side and up the next ledge and get your chain on the chain point before the ledges start falling.

Continue climbing up the ledges until you find the next chain point. Create momentum by running to the right and left, then jump towards the platform on the right.

Head through the ruins and use your cyclone boots to jump the wide gap and onto the ledge. Shimmy over to the right. Stop at the end of the ledge and wait for Gabriel to look back then jump the ledge behind you.

Keep climbing up until you find the next chain point, then start swinging from side to side until the chain point on the left side activates, then press U to attach to it.

Climb up the chain and onto the ledge, then use your chain to climb up the blocked window at the top. Once you're directly in front of the window press J to smash through it and acquire the relic.