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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Castle Courtyard

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Climb up the chain and use the wooden plank to get across the other side of the wall. Then use your chain to climb to the top.

Walk towards the gate and use the health font to replenish your health bar, then jump towards the ledge at the left side of the gate.

Get to the top most ledge and jump towards the ledge on the right side and drop down from there. You'll find yourself near the castle's main entrance.

When you try to use the wheel mechanism at the center of the area some knights will spawn and keep you from doing so.

Quickly kill the knights then use the mechanism to open the hatch and jump down the hole.

After dropping down from the hole you'll see a neutral energy statue. Fill up your magic bars and wait for the skeletons to appear.

After fighting with the skeletons some vampires will unleash a warg at you, you can use daggers at the warg to quickly deplete its health. Once its HP is down press U to mount it.

You'll notice that the first pillar on the right side is glowing. Double press the movement key and head for the pillar, then press K when you get near it to make the warg climb up on it.

Kill the vampires once you get to the top, then strangle your mount when all the vampires are dead. After killing the warg head for the open hole at the end of the walkway and drop down on it.

Follow the path and drop down on the lower floor towards the gates and interact with the mechanism at the right side of the gate and some skeletons will spawn.

You probably noticed that skeletons re-animate a lot and are absolutely annoying to deal with. You can attack them while on the ground with a slam attack with either your chain or gauntlets, you can also use a holy water vial but that's a bit of a waste.

After killing the skeletons head back to the mechanism and get the gate open. Replenish your magic bars, then head up the stairs.