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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Maze Garden

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From the start of the level head forward past the well and into the maze. You'll have a couple of different ways around you, take the one on the upper right side just beside the statue.

Keep following the path on the right side and you'll eventually come up at an area where there's a rail on the floor. There are weird enemies here that suck the life out of you, luckily they die really quickly.

Follow the rail down and you'll find a large pillar. Activate shadow magic and use your gaultlet to push the pillar forward.

Now run up to the pillar and start climbing on it. Once you get to the top wait for Gabriel to look behind him then press K to get to the pillar on the opposite side and drop down from there.

Now go down and around the wall and the game will show you some sort of fountain on the other end of the gate, but you have no way to get there.

From the gate head to the right and just keep following that path until you get to a clearing. There's a giant spider here. Beat it and take with you as a mount.

From where the spider was, take the path on the left side and make your way to the upper left path, you'll see a lion statue here.

Past the lion statue is a long path. Follow the path and turn right at the first corner, press L to make the spider fire a web at the gate and mash the key to get it open.

Now head back to the gate that you passed by earlier after getting on this side of the maze and press L to make the spider weave a bridge. Strangle the spider and make your way to the fountain.

To solve the puzzle select the middle statue and rotate it clockwise 2 times. You'll then acquire the vampire key.

Now go back to the gate that you first opened with the spider and head through it and up the stairs.

Turn left and you'll see a large gate. Interact with the emblem at the left side of the gate and Gabriel will insert the vampire key into it. Leave through the gates once it opens.

Activate your cyclone boots and jump over the gap. You'll notice that you're right back where you were at the start of the previous chapter.

Make your way up the ledges and across the gate again. The knights won't spawn this time.

On the large black door you'll find a similar plate on the right side pillar. Insert the vampire key into it to open the large door.