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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Chapter I: Besieged Village

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"I wanted to explain the battle system of this game first before anything else. I was having a hard time with the game and thinking that my PC specs just wasn't up to par with the recommended specs for this game due to an input lag, however I realized that it only happens during battles so I went ahead and googled it up and see if anyone else was having the same problem. Well according to what I read that was actually how the battle system was designed, sort of a mechanism for anti-button spamming. That's why this note exists at the beginning of this guide, so that you're already aware that the game is unforgiving with button spamming and that it will get in the way of your battles.

The game officially starts by putting you up against a group of lycans or werewolves. This is a tutorial for the basic battle system. I would recommend you change the control bindings to something that would be easier for you to press as I found the original once didn't suit me, but it's entirely up to you.

After eliminating the first group of lycans head over to the statue of an old man holding a sword. This is a 'Health Font', press U to use it and it will fully restore your health.

More lycans will come and attack you, this time they'll leave some daggers behind. Daggers are secondary weapons that you can use for long range attacks. Press O to use them. Gabriel usually auto-targets the enemies but you do need to be facing towards the enemy for him to auto-target.

The next tutorial is for grabbing and tackling enemies. Press U to grab a nearby lycan and wait for the larger circle to collapse into the smaller one. Once it does press any to kill the lycan you're holding. Pressing the key doesn't have to be exactly when the two rings touch, your can press it as long as the larger one has entered the range of the smaller one.

Keep killing off the lycans until the warg comes and attacks you. It will pin you down and you have to button mash to get it off of you. The buttons are actually random so you have to watch out for it.

Eventually the warg will try to attack you and you can block it. The font of Castlevania is pretty hard to read. Press I to block the attack. Dodging on the other hand requires you to press I plus a direction.

"Quick tip on battles: You can use the Health Font even mid battle, if youre getting a little low on health don't hesitate to use it.

After the cutscene immediately grab the pole right beside you with U and the warg will come jump at you, and accidentally get stabbed by the wood. Ending the level.