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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The Dead Bog

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When you gain control of Gabriel head down and follow the path. You'll eventually see a dead knight at the left side. Approach the body and press U to interact with it. You'll then receive a life gem. Get enough of these and your health bar will increase, make it a habit to inspect dead bodies.

Now keep following the path and you'll find another dead knight. Take the scroll that's on him, then look to your left. You'll notice that the wooden parts of the wall is shinning.

Jump towards the ledge and make your way to the right side. Press right and jump to get to the next ledge, then press down and jump to fall down to the ground.

Goblins will come and attack you as soon as you approach the clearing which appears to be their home. These guys throw bombs at you which you can approach and pick up with U to throw back at them. Kill the goblins and you'll find out what lurks in the water.

Pay attention to the water. You can see that the water is split into 2 colors: a darker and lighter green shade. The darker parts are where you can walk, unfortunately something will pull you down here. On the other hand the lighter green parts are actually poisonous gas, Avoid it as it will deplete your health quickly.

Drop down into the water and approach the bubbling part of it. Don't attempt to cross it just yet. Wait for the bubbles and ripple to disappear before you cross it.

Make your way to the platform at the middle of the swamp, then take the path on the right side and go up the steps.

Follow the path and jump down to the lower ground. You'll have to cross through more water. If you do happen to get caught by whatever is in that swamp, a button sequence will appear on the screen and if you manage to press it at the right time you can break free.

Now keep following the path and you'll eventually come to another clearing where you'll be attacked by some goblins. Kill them before continuing.

On the next clearing you'll find another goblin home and a suspicious looking tree. You'll be given a tutorial on grabbing goblins and getting their bombs.

Once the goblin drops a bomb, approach it and press U to pick it up. Gabriel will automatically throw it at the large tree. Repeat this until the tree falls down.

Once it falls use the tree as a bridge and make your way across the swamp and towards the other side.

You'll eventually come across a split in the road. Take the stairs on the left side and climb up. You'll find a some ruins at the top of it.

The door won't open so go to the left side and you'll find some glowing parts of the wall, use those parts to climb up and get inside the ruins.

Inside the ruins you'll find a grave. Approach it and Gabriel will insert his cross into the tombstone. Your battle cross will then gain a new ability.

Now go behind the tomb and press U to use the chain and attach it to the glowing part of the roof. Press up to make Gabriel climb up and press J when you get to the window. Gabriel will then shatter the decorative window and burst out.

A troll will come and attack you as soon as you leave the ruins. It will send out a shockwave at you. Press K to jump and avoid it.

The troll only has a few attacks, counting the shockwave, the second one is a blockable melee attack and the third one is a lunging attack. You can only block the melee attack if it isn't holding a pillar.

When it is holding a pillar get it to attack you and dodge out of the way, then attack him with 2-3 strikes from your cross. The pillar will eventually break.

Chip off of his health and the troll will eventually use a lunging attack. You can tell when he's gonna useit cause he will either jump back, pound his chest like King kong or both before doing it.

After guarding his attack it will leave him vulnerable for a follow up combo. Deplete his health and you'll be required to press U and finish him off with the ring sequence.

After killing the troll open the Brotherhood ark to receive an ammo capacity upgrade for your knives and head to the left side of the graveyard. You'll find a glowing spot on the tree, use your cross to attach to it and jump over the other side.

Now follow the path until you get to a branch in the path. Go left first, there's a health font at the end of it. Then head down the stairs to proceed with the level.

Jump down towards the first platform, then drop down on the side and shimmy over to the right side. Don't stop moving cause the ledge that you're holding on will fall.

Press U and start rappeling down the side of the rock. Drop down the platform below and jump to the other side, then make your way up.

You'll find another shinning spot, use your cross again to climb up. Then shimmy over to the left side and drop down on the platform below.

Don't jump back, wait for the camera to switch angles and you'll see another shinning spot. Use your cross to hook onto the shinning spot and jump towards the other side.

Now jump down on the lower platform and use your cross to get to the next one. Rappel up the side of the wall and enter the door.