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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Chromatic Observatory

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In the next room you'll find a health font and a neutral energy statue, fill up both your health and you magic bars, then approach the device at the middle of the room and use it.

At this point you won't have much of a choice since you only have the red lense. Select the red lense and press U to move it towards the moonlight. The light will then turn red and reflect on the red door.

Head inside the room and you'll immediately notice that there's a decoration on the floor at the center of this room. Save that for later, take care of the vampires first a total of 6 will attack you which isn't much and you shouldn't have any problem dealing with them now.

Stand at the lower left corner of the floor and activate your shadow, then charge up your cyclone boots and dash forward and around the square in a clockwise manner.

Hold I and keep pressing the different directions that you need to go to, but don't let go of the I or else you won't be fast enough to go around the square.

Head up the stairs and go inside the room, examine the knight's body to receive the green lense. After taking the lense the gate will close and you'll be attacked by a phantom. Defeat it and the gate will open again, then head back to the center room.

Heal yourself and fill up your magic bars, then use the statue and align the red and green lenses to create a yellow light and the yellow door will open.

Like the red room, vampires will also spawn in the yellow room. Although they won't be as much as those in the red room. Take care of them then activate your shadow magic and stand on the right side of the diamond floor decoration.

Also the same with the red room, you'll have to run around the diamond shape in a clockwise manner while using cyclone boot's dash ability.

Examine the knight's corpse inside after the gate opens. Phantoms will come and attack you again, this time there's gonna be two of them. After beating them and re-opening the gate, head back to the center room.

Use the device again. This time you'll have all 3 colors. Select the green lense and remove it from the light's path, then select blue and adjust it so that the light hits it and the beam will turn purple and open up the room in front of the device. Heal and take as much magic as you can with you before entering the door.

Head inside the purple door and Laura will attack you with her dolls. These guys are dangerous, they're highly aggressive. They have a long range attack with the floating needles, which is blockable. A short range attack which can both be blockable and unblockable and a slam attack which you need to just in order to avoid.

When the battle starts don't move around too much, just get an idea of how they attack and what you need to look out for. Once you've gotten their basic attack pattern down start going on the offensive.

Block their attacks, the easiet one to block is the needle attack, then retaliate with your own combo. It's best if you activate shadow magic just after blocking their attack, then deactivating it after landing a few blows, this helps you conserve your magic bars.

After depleting their HP bars these guys will start to glow, just like all the other monsters. You need to approach them and press U to grapple them and activate the quick time event.

Don't use your dark crystal at this battle, you have to kill them with the reaction commands or else they'll just respawn endlessly.

Once you've gotten through half the battle, you'll see black goop appearing on the floor again, the same one as with the dark knight boss battle. Avoid the goop and keep on attacking the dolls until they die.