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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough Outer Wall

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After the cutscene drop down on the broken part of the veranda and shimmy over to the right side, then jump towards the ledge on the wall at the opposite side of where you dropped down.

Attach your chain to hoop and continue to make your way up and around the castle pillar.

Shimmy over to the right and jump across the broken part of the wall and attach your chain to the hoop, then start climbing up higher towards the castle roofs.

Approach the large gate after climbing through the walls. Attempt to activate one of the plates at the side of the door and a group of vampires and skeletons will attack you.

Take care of the skeletons first since they're more dangerous than the vampires. If you have some holy water vial, activate light magic and throw a vial at the enemies to cause massive damage.

After you've taken care of the enemies, you'll have to activate the plates at the side of the gate to open them. The order is: Left side, from the gate: Shadow magic Light magic Light magic Right side, from the gate: Shadow magic Shadow magic Light magic

Now that the gate is open head through it and jump on the chain that's connecting the castles. This will serve as your bridge to the next caste.

There's a break in the chain and you'll have to confront some gremlins before you can continue. They're annoying but as usual easy to deal with. Just jump in the air and start doing combos, they should go down quickly.

Once you're safe from attacks interact with the device at the center of the platform and you'll notice that it controls the fence around this platform. Wind it up, then let go. The fence will then turn back to its original position.

On the right side of the platform there's a staircase, this is actually where you need to go. What you need to do is wind up the mechanism, then catch the opening as it turns around and make it through then land on the stairs. You will need to use the cyclone boots to be able to catch the opening.

Then make your way down the stairs and examine the dead knight's body to receive the tower key. Some phantoms will come and attack you here and you'll need to take care of them before you can proceed.

After defeating the phantoms, use the device at the center of the room to open the gate and head back upstairs.

From there head up towards the right side, climb up on the chain and get to the next castle.

From the chain head up the stairs and into the area, use the health font if you need to, then insert the key into the keyhole at the right side of the gate. Enter the gate once it opens.