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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The Throne Room

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As soon as the level starts refill your HP and fill up your magic bars, then head over to the stairs and climb up to the top.

After the cutscene Carmilla will float up at the middle of the room and summon some lower vampires to attack you. Switch to your holy water and throw one at the ground when a group comes to swarm at you, then use the wide range attack (L) to get rid of them quickly.

When Carmilla starts to float down back towards the ground start rolling to the side, she'll unleash a lightning attack which can't be blocked.

After eliminating all of her lesser vampires, Carmilla will tranform into her vampire form. She'll take down parts of the floor making your battle ground a little smaller. She's got a couple of attacks: two claw attacks, attacks from her right hand are unblockable most of the time, meaning they can be blockable, but I don't recommend risking it unless you have quick eyes. Attacks from her left hand are always blockable. Unfortunately it's hard to hear the "whoosh" sound from unblockable attacks due to Carmilla hissing every time she attacks you.

Early on at the start of the battle she will also have the ability to summon lesser vampires to aid her. If she summons them, lure them closer to Carmilla and throw a holy water vial. This way you're killing them off quickly and damaging the boss at the same time.

If you get thrown to the ground Carmilla will stab you with her claw and attempt to feed from you. Mash the button that appears on the screen to prevent her from doing so.

Block her attacks if you can and unleash a combo of your own. If you're having a hard time blocking her attack then you have another option, which is to dodge her attack and retaliate, then roll away and wait for her to attack you.

Once you've taken around 1/3 of her health bar Carmilla will start to glow. Run up to her and press U to make Gabriel grapple her. Stage 2 of the battle will begin at this point.

She'll have two new attacks at this point and will no longer summon lesser vampires. The first is summoning a swarm of bats, which you can easily avoid by rolling to the side and getting away from them.

The second is an electrical charge where Carmilla will fly up to the sky and create a large electrical attack on the floor below. Dodge it by rolling away, then jumping just in case you're still within the range.

Other than that the battle will proceed the same way. Block her attack and retaliate, then dodge away and block her attack again.

After bringing her HP down to almost nothing, Carmilla will jump back on her platform and attempt to kill you with a lighting charge, Gabriel will then use his gauntlet to fight it back. Mash the button at the screen to win the power struggle.

After the power struggle Carmilla will crouch down on the ground, protected by a blue orb. You can't hit her with anything now, what you have to do is use the gauntlet and punch the orb. The battle will end soon after and Gabriel will earn his wings. No, really you get wings.

You still have to do a few timed reaction pressing after the orb though, but you should be able to breeze through that without a problem. Carmilla is nowhere near as hard as Cornell or even the Laura's dolls.