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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows Walkthrough The Clock Tower

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At the clock tower look to your right and you'll see a beam that stretches from the platform that you're standing on towards the other side. Use the beam to cross the gap.

When you get to the other side wait for the platform to come back to you and jump towards it once it's close enough, then wait for it to approach the revolving platforms at the right side and jump on those.

From the revolving platforms jump towards the gear and Gabriel will hold on to the ledges above it. Climb up to the second ledge and shimmy over to the right. Wait for the gear to stop moving, then jump across to the other side.

Wait for one of the revolving platforms to get close enough to catch you, then fall down on it and jump towards the next one.

Wait at the end of the revolving platforms, there's another platform here that goes up and down. Jump on it when it's close enough for you to reach, then ride it up and jump on the next platform.

Use the device and pull up the mechanism to create a bridge for yourself, then make it across and towards the platform on the left side where the electricity is flowing.

Hook your chain onto the chain point and get near the first electric charge. Watch the second electric line and get a feel for how to time this correctly. What you need to do is press J and Gabriel will jump off of the wall, wait for him to step on the wall again and press J again, this time he'll push away with more force. Press up at the same time and he'll land above the first electric line, jump again and press up to make it through the second one, the keep climbing up until you grab onto a ledge.

From there shimmy over to the right side and jump towards the ledge on the opposite side. Wait for a platform to get under you, then drop down on it.

Jump on the platform that's blocking your way and wait for the one that you were stepping on to get through it and jump back on that one. Wait for it to get near the gear, then jump towards the ledge.

Shimmy over to the right side and drop down on the platform, then jump towards the next platform and double tap D to activate the cyclone boots and jump towards the ledge on the right.

Drop down on the lower ledge and shimmy over to the right until the next platform is directly behind you. Wait for Gabriel to turn around and look at the platform then jump on it.

Now jump down on the platform at the right side of the one you're standing on and fill up you magic bars completely.

Climb up on the ledge with the electricity running on it and quickly make your way up when it shuts down. Take a break on the fourth ledge and wait for the electricity above that to shut off before proceeding.

Shimmy over to the left side and drop down on the platform, then jump towards the chain point and use yout chain when it starts to glow. Jump off when it gets near the platform on the opposite side.

Start turning the device at the middle of the platform and the machine you fought at the electric laboratory will come and attack you.

The battle is still the same as the previous one except it can't recharge anymore, which makes the battle easier and it will gain a new ability to throw green glowing bolts at you.

The area is also a lot bigger than the previous one, making this battle a whole lot easier than the first encounter. Just dodge it and attack until you deplete its health.

Once you've gotten rid of it go back to the device and keep turning it until it creates a walkway for you to reach it.

Head across the bar and step on top of the platform. It will automatically start going up.