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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Clock Tower

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As soon as you enter the Tower, you will find yourself fighting the Darkwing Bat. He has three main attacks, the first of which consists of the Bat swooping at you.

The Darkwing Bat will also try to charge the ground in a drill-like motion.

The last attack the Darkwing Bat has is to flap its wings. If you become airborne by jumping while this attack is taking place, you'll be thrown against the wall.

After you kill the bat, make sure to attack the half-columns to get some secret items.

In the upper-right hand corner, you'll find a breakable wall, leading to a hidden room.

There's also some hidden wall meat in the large room.

Don't forget about the hidden passage at the bottom of the first gear area-- it's in the bottom left corner.

Hit the four cogs in the wall until they click instead of clang.

Cog #2 is located below the pool.

Cog #3 is located in the room to the left, on the left wall.

Cog #4 is on the right side of the wall a little lower down. Once all four cogs click...

The room above the pool will open for you to explore.

Dash over to the bottom left corner in the huge room to get the Dragon Helm.

Don't forget about the goodies hanging on the pedstals of the bridge, as well as the ones underneath the bridge.