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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Quarters

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Don't forget about the hidden room on the left side of the large room with Azghal.

Enther the lower left corner of the room, and fight your way through the Malachis and Ghost Dancers.

"There's a Warp Room here.

Make sure to Equip Spike Breaker here.

Head out into the large open courtroom. Explore the left wall first.

You'll find the Alucard Mail.

Remember you can break the floor here.

When you're heading down the boss chamber, make sure to equip the Topaz Circlet.

Amkoadan II only has two attacks. The first attack he has is to throw you against a wall. You can avoid this by ducking underneath his extending arm.

"He'll also spew Poison Gas clouds at you upon taking damage. Topaz Circlet lets you navigate them harmlessly.

After you're finished filling out this area on the map, head out to the Reverse Colosseum.