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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Mines

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While you're making your way up, you'll encounter some familiar faces.

Where would Gaibon be without his old pal Slogra?

When you enter the boss room, there will be a cutscene with Death.

There are two ways you can take down Death. You can use the Alucard Shield's ability, or you can fight him legitimately. Since fighting him legitimately is more difficult, that is the strategy I'm going to cover.

Death will first zoom around the battlefield, throwing sickles at you. They're pretty easy to avoid.

After you damage him enough, Death will summon two slow homing energy orbs to chase you down, as well as spawn sickles.

Once you attack him enough, Death will start shooting Green skulls in a U-pattern. Jump over them, and attack him. Turning into mist to avoid these skulls will waste your time and magic, because you have to hit Death enough times for him to stop summoning them.

Lastly, Death will use two giant blades to swipe at you.

Death's next form is a weird skeletal being with two scythes.

He can swing them down at you...

Or he can throw one at you.

Death's hitbox doesn't include his bony tail, so you can pass through it without incurring any damage as well. This is useful for avoiding some of his boomerange scythe attacks.

Once you defeat Death, grab the Eye, and head left.

Summon the Demon Familiar in order to open the switch.

"Remember to break through the wall up here for some items.

"Grab the Alucard Sword on the right-hand side of the crossraods.

Climb all the way up to the very top. Pick up the goods on the right side of the passage, then head left and go through the door.