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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Entrance

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Make sure to visit the warp room.

Make sure to break open the rocks, and pass through as a Wolf, then a Bat to open up the secret room in the upper right.

It's extremely important you visit the secret room. One of these items will help out in an upcoming boss fight.

If you're having trouble in the area below, use your dark fireball and Wolf Charge spells (DOWN, DOWN + RIGHT, RIGHT, SQAURE/CIRCLE in wolf form) to clear out the enemies.

Alternatively, you could turn into mist and fly over adversity.

When you're facing the Oruburos, try to attack the Flea Man riding it. If you successfully kill the Flea Man, you'll gain a powerful ally to help you clear out the rest of the Hallway.

Once you're done exploring, head into the Reverse Caverns.