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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Confronting Richter

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"Using the platform, make your way up this room. To the right is a save point. Above you is a passage that contains a Falchion.

Fly through the gap of the staircase. Hug the ceiling of the staircase while flying left.

"Eventually, you'll find the Power of Mist. This item will allow you to stay in Mist form as long as you have enough Mana.

Slash the wall to the left of the Power of Mist to grab Fire Mail.

Gravity Jump to the upper right hand corner of this room.

"Inside, you'll find a few Life Ups, Heart Ups, and a Ghost Card. This lets you use the Ghost Familiar.

There's a switch hidden in one of the bricks (pictured above). Slash the wall, slash the switch, and then head up the folding staircase that swings out.

Explore this area for a bunch of hidden goodies. Drop back down, and head right.

Smash the pot for a Heart Up.

Open up your inventory, and equip the Holy Glasses. This is important, otherwise you will kill Richter and get a bad end.

Watch the cutscene with Richter.

Immediately after this cutscene, Richter will use the Holy Cross super. Turn into mist to avoid it.

"Richter will attack you, but he is not the focus of this fight.

Two cutscenes will play.

Afterwards, Alucard will run to the lefthand side of the room, and beam into the reverse castle.