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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Wrapping Up (Missed Secrets & Advancing the Plot)

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Head right. When you get to the area with the bloody zombies, double jump. Look for a platform on the right side of the room (it's a bit high up). Change into a bat to enter this room and grab a Life Up. Drop down, and head right.

Drop down through the gap, and hug the left wall. Enter this room for a Heart Up. Continue dropping down and head left until you reach the room with the big boulder.

Enter the right side as a wolf and walk through.

Change into a bat on the left side, and fly through. Head back to the left side of the room, drop down where the Mermen are, and you'll see a new room. Enter it for a Jewel Sword and a Life Apple.

Turn into a bat and enter the area overhead. You'll find a save point, a Ghurka and Blade enemy, and Holy Armor. Drop back down and head outside the castle.

Fly up and you'll find the "Power of Wolf" item. This doesn't do much right now, but it'll be useful later. Head back to the warp room.

Warp to Castle Keep (Lion), and head left to the Royal Chapel.

Fight your way left until you reach the really long bell tower. Enter the left door.

Equip your Spike Breaker Armor, and head through this passage.

There will be a cutscene with Maria.

After the cutscene with Maria, head left and pick up the Silver Ring. Backtrack to the Castle Keep warp room.

Warp to the Castle Entrance room (Horse).

Enter the Alchemy Laboratory. When you find the first Axe Lord, jump up through the gap in the ceiling. You'll find several different item power ups and a Skill of Wolf.

Head into the boss room where you fought Slogra and Gaibon. Turn into a bat,then perform a wing smash (HOLD X, DOWN, DOWNLEFT, LEFT, LEFTUP, UP, UPRIGHT, RIGHT, RELEASE X) to get to the upper right corner of the map.

Head to the Royal Chapel.

Enter the Colosseum.

Head up and to the right.

There's a secret hole hidden overhead. Use Soul Steal to search for it. It's pictured above. You'll find a holy sword hidden in here. Once you grab it, make your way back to the clock room located in the Marble Gallery.

Once you reach the clock room, turn into a bat and fly up the hole in the middle. Head left to pick up a Potion, Life Apple, and Hammer.

Head right to pick up Gravity Boots. You can use Gravity Boots at any time by pressing DOWN, UP, X to do an insanely high jump. Fall back down into the clock room.

Equip the Gold and Silver Rings. The floor of the room will open up. Drop down into the floor.

To the left is a save point. The right contains a Life Up and Heart Up. Once you explore both of these rooms, head down via the elevator.

Drop down, then circle to the bottom of this room. When you stand on the golden platform, another cutscene with Maria takes place.

She will give you the Holy Glasses.

After the cutscene, use a library card. Head to the room directly underneath the Librarian.

"Start using the Gravity Boots jump (DOWN, UP, X) repeatedly under the Librarian. He will give you a Life Up, Ring of Arcana, Axe Lord Armor, and the Dracula's Tunic at 1, 5, 30, and 100 jumps. respectively. I recommend getting to at least the Ring of Arcana. The other two items aren't very useful.

Once you're at the Outer Wall, head all the way up to the room that's underneath the save point. Enter the door, this is the last area in the castle!