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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Catacombs

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Head down and left. Walk through the save point.

At the end of this area, you'll find a Bloodstone.

Slash the wall to the left of the Bloodstone. You'll find a cat-eye circlet. Walk right until you reach a large room with three Gremlins.

When you get to this room, drop down and go left.

Break open the coffins to reveal Blood Skeletons and Monster Vial 3s. Keep walking left.

Kill the Grave Keepers and Hellfire Beast. Keep going left.

When you get to the Discus Lord, use the Black Fireball spell to make short work of him. Fly up as a bat, smash the pots to the right.

Also make sure to smash the wall on the left side of this upper area to get an Icebrand. Return to the Discus Lord, destroy him, and keep walking left.

When you get to the vertical passageway with the Gremlins and Thornweeds, head left. There's nothing of interest in this room, so head up and to the right.

Pass through the save point to get Walk Armor. Head out this room and go to the upper left room. Prepare yourself for a bossfight with Granfaloon.

Granfaloon is a giant mass of undead bodies. At first, all Granfaloon can do is drop these bodies on top of you. Slash away at these bodies and at Granfaloon.

Eventually, Granfaloon's tendrils will be exposed. Keep hacking away at the middle portion of Granfaloon until his center is vulnerable.

Granfaloon can shoot laser beams out of his tendrils. Be careful.

Once Granfaloon is defeated, head left.

Eventually, you will recieve the Mormegil. Backtrack right until you reach the large room with three Gremlins.

Once you arrive, start heading right.

"Slimes (both Green and Red) can't be hurt with "cut" weapons. However, you can use the powder item in one of the candles in this room to damage them. You can also use a double-jump-kick (as pictured) or a spell to damage them.

When you reach a really dark room, turn Alucard into a bat, and use Echolocation by pressing Triangle. Carefully navigate your way through the spike maze.

Continue exploring the area until you reach a dead end with the Spike Breaker armor. Slash the wall to the immediate left to recieve a library card. Use the library card to go to the Library.

Exit the Library and go to the Outer Wall. Go to the teleport room. Teleport to the Horse (Castle Entrance).