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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Clock Tower

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Start off by dropping down and exploring the bottom left area. Once you clear out the Skull Lords, head up and circle around to the right.

Make sure to grab these items resting on the pedstal...

And the items hiding under the collapsing bridge. Head all the way to the right of this room. Once you do, turn into a bat and fly up.

You'll find a secret room containing the Fire of Bat powerup. You can now summon fireballs by pressing circle as a bat. Head to the right side of the room, and enter the lower doorway.

Fight your way up the first clock passage, and head left.

As you're making your way down the passageway, look out for two cogs embedded in the wall. Keep attacking them until they make a clicking noise. Head left into the next room when you're done.

Hit the other two cogs located in this room unitl they click, Drop back down, and enter the room on the left. Pick up the goodies, and head back up.

Climb back up this passage, and slash the wall to the right.

Eventually, you'll reach an area with a Cloaked Knight, Life Up, and Heart Up. Return to the passage with the cogs and head left.

There are several secrets in this area. Slash this wall to reveal a Pot Roast.

Head all the way to the bottom left corner of the room, and slash that wall. This exposes the Healing Mail.

Fly to the upper left corner, and pass through the doorway.

As you're making your way through this hallway, slash the lefthand side of all the mini columns. They contain items. Make your way left, and get ready to fight Karasuman.

"Karasuman is a simple boss fight. He should have been fought earlier, so taking him out will be a breeze.

Krausman stuck in the corner, taking damage from Holy Water.

Once Karasuman is defeated, head left.