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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Chapel

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Magic Missile and Bwaka Knife at the bottom of the first tower.

Balloon pods explode into a bunch of poison spores. Equip the Topaz Circlet if you want to gain immunity to the spores.

When fighting Medusa, avoid her petrification beams, and make her back up into the corner. When she's cornered, duck and slash away at her. If you position yourself closely enough, you'll completely dodge her petrification beam, and it'll be an easy win.

If you're having difficulty with the Black Panthers, wing smash into them.

Grab the Talwar at the bottom of the next tower.

Grab the goodies at the bottom of the third tower. Equip the Spike Breaker armor and head into the spiked room.

Grab and equip the Twilight Cloak. It's the best cloak in the game. Keep heading up.

Defeat the Spectral Sword. Continue right.

Fight your way up the stairwell. Grab the items hidden in the pots. Head to the Reverse Laboratory.