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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Laboratory

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Beelzebub is a difficult boss fight. Before you do anything, equip the Topaz Circlet. The larvae that crawl on the ground will poison you otherwise.

Beezelbub doesn't attack you, he just sends hordes of flies after you. Do your best to dodge them. Getting hit by one hurts.

As the boss fight rages on, Beelzebub loses his limbs. At the end of the battle, use wing smashes or Gravity Jumps to attack his torso.

After the boss fight, check out the lower left corner of the room. Equip both Rings of Arcana, these items will be tremendously helpful later on to get stronger weapons.

Stand still to see where Bitterflies are.

Fully explore the Reverse Laboratory. When you run into Lesser Demons, do your best to attack them as quickly as possible. They will spawn more and more clones, making it a tougher fight overall if you don't dispose of them.

Don't forget about the two hidden areas right outside of the area with the Lesser Demons.

After filling out the Reverse Laboratory on your map. head to the Reverse Entrance.