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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Reverse Colosseum

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"There isn't a lot of strategy to the Colosseum. Casually fill out all the rooms. Avoid the Giant Cow Skulls in the room, they're immune to damage.

"Secret area in the floor here.

Fighting Fake Grant, Trevor, and Sypha.

The first boss you want to attack in this room is Fake Sypha. She is a very easy target, but she has an annoying ice-spell that fills out a relatively large area of the battlefield (shown here).

After Fake Sypha has been killed, you want to attack Fake Trevor. He usually stays on the ceiling, and he will try to drop daggers from overhead. He'll also try to drop down on you from time to time.

The last boss you have to deal with is Fake Grant. He controls like Richter. He has a whip attack...

A boomerang cross attack...

"And an attack where he throws a quick succession of daggers at you.

After Fake Grant has been killed, finish exploring the rest of the Colosseum area.

After the Colosseum is fully explored, head out to the Anti-Chapel (right side of the Colosseum).

Make your way to the Reverse Keep (Reverse Castle where you fought Richter).

Your map should look something like this by this point.

Head into the Reverse Clock Tower.