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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Gods And Monsters

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Crouch under the car and kick the blockage out of the way.

Run over the path

Crouch under the metal.

Run down where the water is and just jump all the way down the stream.

Head up the path.

Hack the mines and turrets.

Make your way up to that core.

Look just before the core is a Reaper cannon.

Head into the core .

Clear the area and head up the path.

Restock here.

Move down to the next core.

Go right and go into the core.

Return and take the left path up.

the next core is just up-right the lower path.

Head down and go to the next objective.

Head into this beam.

Jump on that ledge there.

Shoot it in its eyes and take cover where you can.

Watch out when it starts to spin its head RUN!

When those areas are glowing like that shoot them.

It will pick you up and tap space repeatedly.

Hack these disabled turrets when the enemies come.

And look for these power up nodes too.

When you took out all 3 red areas just shoot the bow when it comes closer.Don't wait too long.

You are in space now.You must take out the mothership.

Use your walk keys to steady and aim then shoot the mothership in the red area.

Congratulations you are finished.