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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Red Star Rising

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Run over this broken tower just to the left.

Restock on ammo.Then fight on to the objective.

After you interacted,Pick up the PINCH RIFLE laying on the ground and just keep shooting.

Once you cleared the area there will be a BIG ceph alien that breaks through.Shoot him from a distance with the PINCH RIFLE.

After you killed the BIG ceph alien progress through were he came through.

Run past the buildings just straight on and jump off 2 edges.

You will then find a building on the corner enter it and move up.

Head out the building and get into the Buggy

Continue in the buggy to the next objective.

Ride over the broken bridge.

when you come across enemies get out the buggy and fight the path.

To your left should be an entry where you can go in.

When you get out,just below you is a red Triangle shaped Node-System open it.

After you opened it go down and to the left is another buggy.

Now this buggy also fires missiles when you see an enemy hold in the fire button to lock onto them.

Ride through 2 broken ships and watch out after the 2nd broken ship there is an enemy Light Armored Vehicle.

Ride down into the crater and fight those two massive cephs with the buggy.

Get out of the buggy and go to the left of the bridge and then go up the stairs.

There should be a control pad there to open the bridge.

Ride on until you find a bug broken pipe,Ride through the pipe to your next objective.

When you get to a broken down LAV get out and jump over it.

Run off to the rightside of the building then take a left..

Take a right and go to the objective.

There is a broken pipe,go throught the pipe.

Run to the right and continue right to the objective.

There is a turret about when you are 30m from the target,go hack it.

Just infront of the objective are some R.E.X. Charges take em and go blow up the objective,Remember don't jump off yet.

Go to the next objective and when the bridge pulls up run up the stairs just infront of the bridge and there will be a Control Pad and lower the bridge.

Head on to the door and unlock it and go in.