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Crysis 3 Walkthrough Only Human

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Head to the blocked path and kick through the blockage.

After you took out the first defence go and take out the one on the right next.

Look out for the Ceph chopper if you fo out.

After you took out the second one go to the third and look for a tunnel kick the path clear and move through the tunnel.

Make sure to have a Rocket Launcher for these massive ceph aliens.

Head up to the right and go forward up the path.

Go left and rup up to the defence located to the left.

Clear out the area so Psycho can go land.

Head up to the VTOL and get in.

There are enemies flying around kill them quickly before they hurt you and take you down.

Then use the launcher to take out the enemies.

Return to the VTOL

When you get out watch out for this boss.Shoot those flying things around him and Shoot him in the head.

Look for these nodes and Power Up The Nano Suit.

He will pick you up and just tap space repeatedly.Now really aim for the middle where his weak spot is.

He will pick you up one more time and you will kill it.

Continue down into the building.